My 10 Favorite Engagement Photography Ideas

Ahhhh engagements are in the air!

And that means you’re likely looking for a unique engagement photographer!

The greatest thing about engagements is that I’m able to get to know you, your style and your level of humor! (Super important to my style!)

If you’re here reading this article, you’ve likely just got engaged so let me say CONGRATULATIONS — WOOOT!

You have a lot of wedding fun, wedding planning and decision making ahead of you. Don’t stress! First, find a great wedding photographer, they get picked up fast!

Plus it’s always a good idea to first shoot with your potential wedding photographer so you guys can feel each other out.

Then onto the fun! What do you want to do for your engagement pictures?

Dig deep! Who are you? Where’d you meet? What is your style together?

Here are my top 10 favorite engagement photography ideas:

  • Casual in the Kitchen: relax and have a cup of joe!

  • Swimming in the Ocean: there’s nothing more sensuous than a slippery wet kiss.
  • Saying I will in a Stadium: sports are close to my heart and make for a lovely backdrop!
Credit: Metlife Stadium
  • Playing with Pets: Our furry friends are LIFE, so why not get them in on the kisses too?
  • Brush up on your History: I personally took my own engagement pictures at a local historic spot — you’re making your own history after all!
  • Theme park it up: Living in Orlando we have so many fun destinations. The colorful theme parks whether it’s Disney, Universal or The Orlando Eye, all make a perfect place to say – we are fun and we know it!
Credit: Insider
  • Going to new heights: Sky high in a helicopter, floating in a hot air balloon or trudging up a mountain? Count me in!
  • On the Go: are you and your loved one wanderlusts? Let’s go somewhere exotic and take pictures no one else has.
  • Drink up! Your favorite local pub would likely love the publicity, especially if it’s where you first met.
Credit: Jenna Hidinger Photography
  • A fun day in bed: Saturday mornings are the best. Pillow fight anyone?